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Creating Innovation

We translate creative ideas and visions into reality. We create the environment for innovation together with our partners and customers. We help our customers think outside of the square, translating ‘what may be possible’ into innovative outcomes.We think strategically, we conduct applied research, help develop innovative solutions and strategies with our customers.

Strategic thinking starts here

We help lead organisational change and enhance capability through providing support  and thought leadership in relation to strategic thinking and planning. We critically review existing systems of operation and people management.  We ask the hard questions that need to be asked. We research and appraise the performance of leadership teams, we assess and review people skills and identify training and capacity needs to being a skills balance to the teamWe help provide strategic focus and opportunities for collaboration and new partnerships, and opportunities to build business, markets and impact.We help develop shared solutions, and establish roadmaps for implementation of improved systems.

We help create sustainable food production systems

We work with our customers to address the concerns associated with climate change, food and water security, and the need to maximise sustainable and profitable agricultural production.We identify strategies for integrating innovation and best management practices into achieving sustainable food production systems. We focus on opportunities to develop the capacity of stakeholders to lead change, to support and create innovative processes for developing and adopting sustainable farming practices.We are inquisitive, we know the right questions to ask, we help develop shared solutions and pathways to sustained food and water security.Almost nothing is impossible.

We build teams to deal with change

We work across the agricultural food production chain, engaging and building teams and partnerships.We embrace the challenges of change, developing practical solutions to addressing the impact of climate change and the imperative to increase global food production in a sustainable and profitable manner.We work together with our partners and customers, to help lead and aspire, to motivate and embrace the challenges and opportunities.

We provide impact that lasts

We help people help themselves to create food secure futures through identifying pathways that achieve positive change and lasting impact.We help people to ‘believe in themselves’, through supporting their personal development and acquisition of practical and applied skills.

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Meet our Team

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Dr Jay Cummins
Director IAfD and
Principal Consultant
Agri-Innovations and Extension

Dr Jay Cummins offers over 20 years of international consulting experience.  HIs key expertise relates to supporting innovation in agriculture, organisational strategic planning, project review and impact pathway analysis, on-farm adoption research and conservation agriculture farming systems development.

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Dr Chris McDonough
Senior Consultant
Participatory Extension and
Agronomy Farming Systems

Dr Chris McDonough is passionate about agriculture and drylands farming systems.  With extensive practical field agronomy research and extension, Chris is recognised internationally for his participatory extension research, training and development.

Dr Geoff Kuehne
Senior Consultant
Adoption Systems and
Social Innovation Research
Geoff Kuehne.jpg

Dr Geoff Kuehne provides specialised social research skills focusing on farmer decision making, adoption behaviour and impact pathway analysis.  Recognised internationally for his development of the ADOPT tool, Dr Kuehne offers a range of research and training capabilities through IAfD.

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Mr Ian Mitchell
Senior Consultant
Training and Development, Monitoring and Evaluation

Ian Mitchell offers extensive experience in agricultural education, including the management and coordination of short course training designed specifically for international participants.  Ian offers specialist skills in monitoring and evaluation of projects and training activities.

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