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Creating Innovation Platforms

There is a lot of talk nowadays about innovation in agribusiness. Innovation is nothing new; but for innovation to take place, there needs to be a supportive and inclusive process, this starts with the creation of Innovation Platforms. We work with you to create the environment for supporting and nurturing innovation.  We help define and develop strategies for forming strong and inclusive partnerships, an important element of creating Innovation Platforms. Innovation Platforms can be driven at the farmer level, or within agribusiness, research or development circles; the common denominator is that all stakeholders along the agricultural value chain are involved.  Let us help you to embrace innovation through developing Innovation Platform strategies to create 'on the ground' change!

Strategic thinking starts here

We help lead organisational change and build capability by providing support and thought leadership in relation to strategic thinking and planning.   Utilising highly participatory driven workshops, we take teams through strategic planning review processes in a step by step manner. We critically review existing systems of operation and people management.  We ask the hard questions that need to be asked.  We research and appraise leadership team performance. We assess and review people skills and identify training and capacity needs to bring balance to the team.  We help provide strategic focus and and opportunities to build business, partnerships, markets and impact. We develop shared solutions, and establish roadmaps for the implementation of improved systems. 

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Creating sustainable food production systems

We work with our customers help respond to the impact of climate change and the intensive pressures placed on farming systems in order to develop sustainable and resilient food production systems.  We provide tailored services according to the objectives and required project outcomes. We are highly skilled at developing targeted research to help find the right answers and map the pathway forward using evidence-based recommendations. We identify strategies for integrating innovation and best management practices into achieving sustainable food production systems, working from the ground up. We focus on opportunities to develop the capacity of stakeholders to lead change. We are inquisitive, we know the right questions to ask, we help develop shared solutions and pathways to sustained food and water security.  

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We provide a wide range of specialised study tours for overseas groups who wish to examine and experience agriculture and related industries in Australia. The study tours are tailored to meet the specific interests and needs of groups.  The tours provide the opportunity to examine new technologies and innovations, be it focused on crop production, livestock, the latest research or an examination of agricultural value chains.  We ensure that all participants are able to identify and develop strategies to apply their learning, ideas and experience when they return to their home countries. The length of the study tours can vary from 5 to 15 days. We offer all inclusive programs that covers all professional fees and logistics.

International Study Tours to Australia
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Master Class Short Course Training

We provide a wide range of specialised 'Master Class' training programs for agricultural professionals from education, research and extension. Courses are delivered both in Australia and internationally, and are provided on demand.

Our team of specialised professionals offer a range of practical 'hands on' training programs that include the following;

  • Developing on-farm Innovation Platforms

  • Impact Pathway Analysis for research and extension

  • Participatory extension and group facilitation techniques

  • Conservation Agriculture and Crop Water Use for sustainable systems

  • Understanding the ADOPT tool for predicting & assessing innovation adoption

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